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Hi all,
By popular demand, Ill tell you a little about the various users you see on TomTom Discussions:
You start out as a Seeker for the first few times you log in to the forum.
When you start posting you become a Traveler.
Your contributions, helpfulness and assistance towards other users, determine how fast you move through the ranks. Other users can reward you with Kudos for your helpful and insightful comments and mark the post that solved the issue as an Accepted Solution.
Users employed by TomTom:
Community Manager:
The administrators of TomTom Discussions. They take the decisions on how to run the forum.
These guys and girls make sure that TomTom discussions is a nice place to be. If you wish to notify them of events on the forum that are breaking the rules, then please feel free to use the Report Inappropriate Content in the options drop-down in the individual posts.
Staff [Mod]:
These guys are employed by TomTom. They have the same responsibilities as Staff, but they also moderate the specific language forums: French and German.
TomTom forum staff are employed by TomTom and most of them handle the day to day work with and around the forum and the users. These folks make sure your issues, excellent feedback and constructive criticism reach the correct departments for consideration and investigation. They do not moderate the forum.
TomTom Employees:
Can be anyone from TomTom using their spare time to answer questions about TomTom products. 
Users like yourself:
Founding Members:
Our friends from 3rd party forums. They have helped and assisted with the launch of TomTom Discussions. They are seasoned TomTom users and know a great deal about the various TomTom products.
Special privilege: Both the opportunity to have a 'badge' that show their forum statistics and a custom avatar.
Please note: None of these users are employed by TomTom.
Voyagers and Vanguards:
These folks are incredibly knowledgable and helpful. They are the true experts.
Please note: None of these users are employed by TomTom.
Pioneers and Navigators:
These ladies and gentlemen are frequent and seasoned TomTom Discussion users. They are incredibly knowledgeable and can answer nearly any TomTom related question. You can think of them as TomTom experts.
Please note: None of these users are employed by TomTom.
These individuals have also contributed a lot to TomTom Discussions over time. They provide feedback and can answer a variety of questions regarding TomTom products.
Please note: None of these users are employed by TomTom
Wayfarers, Explorers and Travelers:
Users that have contributed with discussions and/or are seeking assistance.
New users that havent yet posted.
Behind nearly every rank theres a secret calculation of where you belong on the ranking ladder. The more you contribute to the forum, the higher you will climb. There are no restrictions on who can reach what rank. 
 All the best,

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