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This How To will explain how to start a new topic. Please first use the search function on the main page to see if your question is being discussed in an already existing topic.
First, select the correct category your question is related to:
If it is about maps, go to one of the boards in the Maps and Services category.
If it is about Live Services or TomTom Traffic, go to this Board.
If it is a device specific question, then go to your product specific board.
You can check here to which category your device belongs to. 
 Once you are in the right Category and Board, you simply click on "Create topic" next to your profile picture:

Then you can proceed with giving your new topic a descriptive subject.
If possible, state the device you are using, the exact problem you are facing and if applicable also a description of what you've already tried to solve it. The more details the easier it is for other users to help you.
Please also make sure that your post does not infringe with our Forum guidelines, which can be found here.
If you're posting a question, please select “Question” or "Conversation" option.

A question can be marked as Solved (see here) helping other users with a similar question to find an answer on the forum.
Tip: If you're typing a longer post you can also enlarge the edit field from the button on the down right.

When you're satisfied with the information, you can click on Post comment. Afterwards you will find your newly created topic at the top of the Board.
Click here to see how you edit your post.
Please note: This board has been closed for replies and new topics. Replying to posts only works in the open boards.

All the best and happy posting! 

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