How to: Mistake correction after posting

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This post will explain how to correct mistakes noticed after posting a topic.

Up to 59 minutes after you have posted a topic
By clicking the 'Edit' symbol

that is visible on the right of your post.

While it is there, you can change the text of your topic and or add new images (but the green "save" button must be pressed before the 1 hour is up !! )

See also Ditte's How to: Edit your post
Ditte wrote:

* Users with the Trailblazer rank and above have no time limit for editing their posts. For more information about the user ranks, please see here.

After the hour is up
You will need to contact the moderators by clicking the 'Flag' symbol

against the entry that needs changing

Moderators can
  • Edit or delete an image
  • correct titles of threads
  • edit posts that are over 1 hour old
  • delete the whole post
  • move the post to start a new topic

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