How to: Create a forum account

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Hi and welcome to TomTom Discussions!
This tutorial will show you how to create an account for TomTom Discussions so you can participate on the forum.
1: First click the Login button on the right: 

2: In case you already have a TomTom account you can click on Sign in, fill in your email address and password and click Log in. If you don’t have a TomTom account yet you can create one by clicking Create account on the right:


Click Create account and you now have a TomTom account.
3: When your account is successfully created you can either go to directly or go through our support section.
4: When you enter you can log in in the upper right hand corner:
5: After you click Log in, and if you've not yet signed up for TomTom Discussions, you are asked to chose a username.
Tip: Your username will follow you everywhere on TomTom Discussions so choose wisely.
Tip: Avoid using your first name or last name. 
Users that are not logged in to will need to log in here with their credentials.

Read the use agreement for TomTom Discussion and when you're done tick the box and click Save.
Congratulations! You now have a TomTom Discussions user account! 🙂
 Happy posting!

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