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Hi all,
If you've not been able to find your answer on the forum, or you've been advised by another user to get in contact with support to resolve the issue, you can follow this tutorial on how to get in email or phone contact with TomTom support:
First go to, scroll down to the footer of the page and click on Contact us under Support which will take you to the page which looks like below.

Note: The same footer can be found on every page of the forum as well

Select the support service you are looking for and then select your product:

Then you can choose your preferred support channel:

Of course, if you come from the forum, please choose Phone or Email.

 On the mobile version there's no footer but the question mark in the header also leads to the support pages:

I hope this helps you in getting on contact with support. If you have any question or need further assistance, please don't hesitate with getting in contact with us. 
All the best,

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