Golfer App stops displaying rounds

My Golfer App stops displaying rounds. The last round visible, is dated 17 June, but I recorded 7 rounds on my watch since then. These are on my watch and also appear to be on my phone. On my android phone, there are 13 (!) ttbin files in the round folder dated after 17 June. But, as said, they do not display in the app.

Some things I did in that period:
1. Upgraded to watch version 1.2.103, and from mysports app to golfer app.
2. Deleted a round from the app.

Any advise or suggestions to get my rounds back? I think about deleting files on my phone.


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I'm afraid there is no fix for this right now. We have another user here who copied rounds from an old to a new phone and they don't show. We are moving to storing the rounds in our cloud. Next step is to download the rounds to the mobile app. At that point all your rounds should be visible again in the app.
That is a pity. Fortunately, the app now seems to display the rounds I played since then. The 7 rounds are still missing, but at least it seems that later ones will be there.
I doubt whether the cloud will solve this issue. I did not copy rounds in any way and the files appear in the tomtom folder of the phone. They are corrupted some way, or there is another reason why the app does not read them correctly. Questionable, whether this will be different if the files are in the cloud. And if they are, will the app still work off line?
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When you open the TomTom Golfer app you should now be offered a new version. This should fix the issue.
Jurgen, the latest version fixes nothing, no rounds are loaded from watch at the moment.
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MarttiP wrote:

Jurgen, the latest version fixes nothing, no rounds are loaded from watch at the moment.

Can you completely close down the app and re-open it?
Hi Jurgen, closing/reopening app -> no effect. Reinstalled the app -> no effect. Made a backup of rounds-folder (old rounds were still there after reinstall) and then deleted them. Then sync with watch -> no rounds. Reinstalled app -> sync -> no rounds. So the app is not showing old rounds nor loading new rounds from watch..
I can confirm that this has fixed nothing either. Post 26th of June I can't load and rounds to the app. They are all on the watch but that aint much good is it? All the update did was get all my rounds pre 26th of June. I have played numerous rounds post this date, some of my rounds of my life and i can't view them at all on the app. The watch is just an expensive rangefinder at the moment and still can't believe we are coming up on 2months on the issue being reported everywhere and it still hasn't been resolved. On android btw.
The application is totally missing crucial export/import (or backup/restore) functionality. Any glitch anywhere -> rounds do not show and/or existing ones just vanish to thin air. If one resets the watch, the rounds are gone for good.. I agree with Tbayers, at the moment the watch is plain range finder. Expensive one.
I have updated the app, and now I see rounds I have not seen before. Including some that were missing. BUT UNFORTUNATELY THIS IS WHERE THE GOOD NEWS STOPS.
1) I see several rounds that have no holes that are played. Apparantly counting the 0-stroke holes as my best. My ultimate round is now 41 UNDER par on my home course. Ha ha! I also see rounds (of 0 strokes) on courses that I never played. These are in my neighbourhood, but I never played these. Maybe I scrolled though these once.
2) Strokes that I had removed (and replaced) because they showed ridiculous distances, seem now to be back again. My best drive is now 737 meters. Wow, I am golfiegod. This was in a round from May, that I corrected earlier, as I did many other that seem reverted back now to the faulty distance.
3) I am now unable to delete stokes and unable to delete rounds. Even if I delete the stroke again, it seems removed from the score card, but when I go back to the overview, then the stroke is back again, also on the score card. And I cannot delete the silly rounds with no strokes, mentioned earlier.
4) The app is slow now. I mean very slow.

I have been fairly positive about the app and watch so far, but this update was a disaster. Please correct this on short notice. Let me at least be able again to delete rounds and strokes to remove the rubbish the app is creating. Help! 😞
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Hi all,

Thanks for all your feedback here!

I have forwarded it to our technicians. We'll keep you posted.

Cheers, Mikko
There is more trouble:
5) It seems rounds from August 2016 are displayed in this (2017) August. First the rounds I played in 2016, then the rounds I played in 2017. So in terms of dates, the sequence looks like this: Fri 26, Mon 29, Tue 30, Fri 4, Sat 7, Mon 7.
(I am not mentioning the 4 rounds that are in this small range with 0 score that I did not play, as wel as the fact that for example the Mon 29 round, that I did play, is missing 46 strokes)
After all the issues with the recent update and not being able to view previous rounds or upload recently played rounds I expected a bug fix quickly. I have just tried to access the tomtom sports app for golf with my sign in details, accept the T's and C's to arrive at the "Let's Get Started" screen and tap the "Golf watch" icon only to go back to the sign in screen again. What is going on?
My latest round available is from 20 June. Played several rounds since but cannot see them on the app despite uninstall/install/new setup etc.
I find it worrying that it takes TomTom such a long time to fix. Starting to regret that I changed from Gamin to TomTom...

Same problem here :
- The app displays no round !
- The watch displays rounds since June !
- The website ( displays all rounds (the website allows to consult only walk stats)

Too many problems since one year i bought this watch. If I can't recover my rounds and can't have faith in TomTom watch, i'll be obliged to change brand. Sorry...

Hope a solution will be find.
TomTom reps, any progress with this issue? You should be able to to tell us if this problem is going to be fixed or not.
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Hi Martti,

There has indeed been some progress on this. However, I don't know when we'll have a fix ready to be released.

Meanwhile, some have been able to solve this by deleting the old rounds from the TomTom MySports folder.

Cheers, Mikko
I have connected my phone to a PC, and (by windows explorer) removed from the "rounds" folder on my phone: 40 files smaller than 1,5kB (considered as empty/garbage rounds) and 6 files that were exact duplicates from other files. More precise, I moved them from my phone to my PC. Then I uninstalled the app from my phone and reinstalled it, necessary to fully reset the rounds to the remaining files. Of course, I had to reenter my credentials and reconnect my watch. This corrected 2 problems: The rounds with no holes played are gone, and I am now able to delete rounds again.

I still cannot delete strokes/putts, and thus remove the shots with silly distances. The app is still slow (but less than before), and 2016 and 2017 rounds are still sorted incorrectly. Work to do, Tomtom.

And FOC, my 2 cents: insource your software development, and make sure that at least one developer is a golfer who actually uses the software. :8
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Hi all,

Please, see here for the latest regarding this.

Cheers, Mikko
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We have now released an update to the Android version of the mobile app that should resolve the issue.
Firstly, the app had the ability to delete tee shots with wrong distances. In a later version, this did not work anymore. And how is this solved in the latest version? By removing the option to delete a tee shot. So now you are stuck with the wrong distances.

And a new problem: The app does not synchronize rounds anymore. It does do the course update and gps-fix, but new rounds are not transferred from the watch to the app anymore. They are not at all in the TomTom_MySports folder.

I have never had another app with so many problems (politely phrased) :(:(:( 😠



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