Question: XL IQ Route - problem with map

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13 February 2012, 14:28


I was updating my Tom Tom XL while connected to the computer and opening an account.  I then used the Route Planning feature by moving across to New Zealand then disconnected my Tom Tom.  However I the had some error screens appearing.

screen with the words -

Problem with map you cannot use this map on this device: Australia-386. 

I selected th OK option (only one) and a new screen appears with Select a Map at the top and Australia listed as the only map showing.  I tap the Australia option and a new screen appears with Switching to Australia at the top in ble for a few seconds then it reverts to the previous screen - You cannt use this map on this device etc

If I look at my Manage my Tom Tom screen it shows I have Australia loaded.

I have switched off the Tom Tom and restarted it but the same fault appears.

How can I get it to work normally


  • Bogi

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    13 February 2012, 14:33

    I assume that you have an issue with your license file. Check whether there is a dct.file in your map folder with the same name as the map has, something like Australia.dct. If not, take a look on your computer, somewhere in a folder where the map has been downloaded the file may be. If so, copy it in the map folder on your device.

    If you can not find this file, please call customer support and be prepared that they need a proof of purchase, Then they should be able to help you.
  • Daveb2814 Author

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    13 February 2012, 14:46

    I cannot find a map folder either on the Tom Tom or on my computer where I did a back u on first connecting to my computer as suggested by the menu.. I will try to back load the Tom Tom from the computer and see if anything new happens. Any other suggestions as to where these maps are stored on either the Tom Tom or computer (there 3 Tom Tom folders now in my Programs area (XP operating system)
  • Bogi

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    13 February 2012, 15:23

    The map folder has a name like "Australia" or similar, not exactly "map".
  • Daveb2814 Author

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    13 February 2012, 21:50

    Hi Boji,

    Ok I have found the folder and there is an Australia DCT file on my Tom Tom about 1 KB in size.  I also had a look at the HELP file in the Tom Tom looking through the computer and I have found that under there are many lists of loaded items and system information.  The last list is about bif options

    ttgo.bif file contents there are lots of information relating to the tt set up but there is no map listed against the current map.  It shows as


    So I think that is the problem.  The TT system does not know which map to use.  Again the Australia map is listed in the system OK at 139.7 Mb.

    Can I rreset this or do I have to go to Customer Support.

    Appreciate your help and time

  • Bogi

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    14 February 2012, 08:31

    Copy the map folder to a folder on your pc, then delete it from the device. Start TomTom Home and go to add map. See whether the Australian map is offered and install it.

    If this is not possible or working, then call CS.
  • Daveb2814 Author

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    14 February 2012, 13:05

  • Bogi

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    14 February 2012, 13:26

    Yes, try that, the only thing I can read from the error message is your passion for the Simpsons...;)
  • Daveb2814 Author

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    14 February 2012, 14:02

    Unfortunately it still will not work.  I have copied the Australia folder back to the device and it is there in the system but the HELP system data still shows no map in the CURRENT MAP area.  I could not get the system to load a map.  One option is to buy a 12 month upgrade plan but before I do that I need to speak with CS

    I have copied it below so you can see what I mean.

    How do I contact Customer Support - I cannot find a number or email address.  I am in Brisbane Australia



    Profile folder = C:Documents and SettingsPattie BowdenApplication DataTomTomHOMEProfilesfzsgynnt.default
    Installation folder = C:Program FilesTomTom HOME 2
    Plugins folder = C:Program FilesTomTom HOME 2xulplugins
    Data folder = C:Documents and SettingsPattie BowdenMy DocumentsTomTomHOME
    Version =
    Language = en-US
    User name = dandpbowden@gmail.com
    Login status = User is logged in
    Server = https://home.tomtom.com/redir/
    Connection settings = Direct connection to the Internet (default)
    Installed add-ons = Map status indicator 1.7.1, TomTom HOME default theme 1.0.2, Emulator 9.400.851694.1
    Name = TomTom XLS IQ Routes Edition
    Device Code = AKTGGBJM5A
    Serial number = RU7389B00628
    Capabilities = CarSymbol Caymann Documents Durham HomeBackup InternalFlash Itinerary Leeway LinkVolumeToSpeed MapOverlays MapShare MultipleMaps Newyork NotAutomotiveEmbedded PermanentMapCfg PlusEphemeris PlusFuelPrices PlusOrRDSTMCTraffic PlusSafetyCamerasDynamic PlusSafetyCamerasStatic RDSTMC RichPOI SDK SettingsOverride StartupImage SuspendImage TTS TTSCompressed TTSLoquendo700 Traffic USBAccessories VoiceBrowser WarningSounds screensize=480x272
    Storage devices = Internal Memory (E:) - Active
    Installed Items = program/Navigator 9.400, startupscreen/splash 1, startupscreen/splashw 1, suspendscreen/antitheft 1, suspendscreen/antitheftw 1, shutdownsound/suspend 1, carsymbol/-default 1, carsymbol/BlueCar 1, carsymbol/ClassCar 1, carsymbol/FamilyCar 1, carsymbol/FinnedCar 1, carsymbol/GreyCar 1, carsymbol/Oldtimer 1, carsymbol/RaceCar 1, carsymbol/RedCar 1, carsymbol/SportsCabrio 1, carsymbol/SportsCar 1, carsymbol/SUV 1, carsymbol/YellowCar 1, loquendovoice/English (UK) - Kate 700, loquendovoice/English (US) - Susan 700, voice/Deutsch - Lisa 1, voice/English(UK) - Tim 4, voice/English(UK) - Jane 4, voice/English(US) - Richard 4, voice/Español - Marta 4, voice/Kim Cattrall v1.1 Copyright 2008 Wanderlust Media, LLC 1.1, voice/Français - Jacques 4, voice/EnglishUK - Homer0.9 0.9, voice/UK English - Mr. Burns 1, voice/Snoop_0.6a_UK 0.6, voice/Français - Catherine 4, voice/English(US) - Mandy 4, voice/Español - Antonio 4, voice/Burt Reynolds Copyright 2007 Wanderlust Media, LLC v1.2 1.2, map/Australia 875.3613, poi/7-Eleven-AU 0, poi/Accomadation 0, poi/Airfield-Au 0, poi/ALDI_au 0, poi/Aldi_Melbourne 0, poi/Aldi_Stores_Australia 0, poi/Ampol_Service_Station 0, poi/Anaconda 0, poi/Bait_Tackle 0, poi/BigW 0, poi/Boat_Ramp 0, poi/BP_Fuel 0, poi/Bunningswarehouse 0, poi/Bunnings_Warehouse 0, poi/Caltex 0, poi/Camps_Australia_Wide 0, poi/CBA_ATM_AU 0, poi/CBA_ATM_s 0, poi/Coles 0, poi/David_Jones 0, poi/dick_smith_electronics 0, poi/Dominos_au 0, poi/Dump_Points_All_Oz 0, poi/Fishing 0, poi/Harvey_Norman 0, poi/Harvey_Norman_Stores 0, poi/Haunted-Locations 0, poi/Hook_Turns 0, poi/Hungry_Jacks 0, poi/IGA_Store-AU 0, poi/IKEA_au 0, poi/Jaycar_Electronics-au 0, poi/Kmart_au 0, poi/LPG_Autogas-au 0, poi/Medical_Centrr 0, poi/Mitre10 0, poi/Mobil_au 0, poi/National_Park_AU 0, poi/Pharmacy_AU 0, poi/Pizza_hut_au 0, poi/Postcodes 0, poi/Postcodes_Aust 0, poi/Public_Toilets_-_Vic_Australia 0, poi/RedLight Cameras 0, poi/Rest_area-AU 0, poi/Rest_Area_s 0, safetycamera/Safety_Cam_AU_TomTom 13181, poi/School_Zones 0, poi/School_Zone_Warning 1, poi/Shell_Fuel 0, poi/Speed Cameras 0, poi/Supercheap_Auto 0, poi/Target_Stores_au 0, poi/Target_Stores_Aust 0, poi/Tourist_locations_au 0, poi/Tourist_Locations_Aust 0, poi/Uhf_Rptrs_V1 0, poi/Westfields 0, poi/Woolworths 0, poi/Woolworths_Petrol 0, poi/Woolworths_Stores 0
    Error incident IDs = 91531512, 91540825, 91546415
    * Computer info:

            Operating system: Windows XP (build 2600, Service Pack 3)
            Free memory: 357294080 bytes
            User home directory: "C:Documents and SettingsPattie BowdenMy Documents""
            Home volume space: 22565 / 72181 MB
            Temporary directory: "C:DOCUME~1PATTIE~1LOCALS~1Temp""
            Temp volume space: 22565 / 72181 MB
            Install directory: "C:Program FilesTomTom HOME 2xulrunner""
            Install volume space: 22565 / 72181 MB
            External volume devices: E: [internal] 1643 / 1958 MB
            OS login name: "USER ID"
            Host name: "Pattie"
            Date and time: 2012-02-14 22:59:03

    * HOME info:

            DLL Version:
            MapShare DLL Version:
            Language: en-US

    * Connected device: "TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition"

            ID: "AKTGG BJM5A"
            Type: "xl2009_plus_2048_tts"
            Serial: "RU7389B00628"

            MapShare information:
                Patch format version: 2.4
                Map patch downloads: true
                POI patch downloads: false
                Feedback email address:
                Patches to upload: 0
                POI Subscriptions:

            ttgo.bif file contents:
                DeviceName=TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition
                DeviceVersionHW=XL IQ Routes Edition
                DeviceUniqueID=AKTGG BJM5A
                UserLanguage=English UK
                GPSFirmwareVersion=2.16.201 77382

            tthome.bif file contents:
            IL #1: 'Internal Memory' 1643 free/1958 total MB Block Size 32768 Media Name 'InternalMemory' serial $b62f0302, Writable
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    14 February 2012, 14:05

    Hi Dave,

    to contact CS please follow the steps listed under the link posted below.

    How to contact customer support (hyperlink)

    If the page doesn't look like in the pictures of that guide you'll have the options to call them or to mail them directly on the support page.


  • dhn

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    14 February 2012, 14:16

    Oz Support: 1300 135 604
  • jona7007

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    3 June 2012, 23:29

    Hi Im due to live in canada very shortly and I have family in Seattle so I decided to purchase Canada and America mapping yesturday, which clearly advertises that it includes Washington State mapping. Although, alas it seems that whoever wrote the software seems to have forgot seattle (located in Washington State) in its entirety as its not to be found anywhere in my devices drop down lists ALTHOUGH, it claims that Washington State was to be included.  I spent quite awhile choosing this download on the pretenses that I would get what I'm paying for.

    I have tried in vein to go direct by simply typing seattle then searched by post code and even by attempting to find the nearest town but no joy.  If I've made a mistake in choosing the correct mapping my question would be Why hasn't Tom Tom made it clearer? 
  • GYMflesh

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    18 July 2012, 03:18

    Just called customer support. Apparently TomTom released an update 6 months ago (for the first time in 2 years) that scans your unit for pirated maps. If you were unlucky enough to have bought your tomtom online (like me) it most likely has a pirated map installed. The operator I spoke assured me that if I bought the new AUSTRALIAN map (for $99.00ish) it would restore my XL Route to working order.
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