Question: XL battery life and using live

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9 June 2011, 01:50

Just received a new xl live and wondering what's the battery life on it? Seems terribly short to me. Plus I can't seem to use Live on the the xl unless Im using it on the computer. Worked fine when I first got it (was on my gfs username) but not now. Would swapping to my username cause this?
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    9 June 2011, 02:53

    Your battery life should be 3 hours max. running only on batteries. It could be considerably less depending on how much it is used. Usually it is best when using it in your car to keep it plugged in so it is continually charged. Also you will not get the live feature with the cord for the car.

    It is possible that you will not be able to update the device because of the different user name. That can be changed however.

    Open the TomTom web site, and log on, hit MyTomTom (green) upper right side and you will be able to change your email (user name). Check to make sure it is also changed in TomTomHome the next time you log on.
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    9 June 2011, 06:10

    If it is working on the computer, but not without the computer, then there is probably something wrong with the account. Have you tried logging in to your LIVE Services account from the device itself, when it's not connected to the computer? I think you will find that in the Preferences menus, near the end, under "MyTomTom account". It will ask for your e-mail associated with the account, and your password. Do that and see if things improve.

    Can you also check the LIVE Services menu do see what valid date is displayed there? Not the one in Preferences, but the menu that comes up when you tap on LIVE Services in the Main Menu, then the My Services button. You should also see the appropriate e-mail account clearly displayed there on the bottom of the screen.

    Make sure you always pay to extend LIVE Services from the account currently associated with the device. You can also try to reset the unit to factory settings, which should reset the e-mail account to "anonymous".

    Battery power should be quite good. Three hours is the maximum when fully charged, but you could try putting it in DEMO mode and let it run itself down. Then recharge completely on your computer with the unit turned off before using. LIVE Services, unlike RDS-TMC information, DO WORK when only using battery, but on the XL, they turn off to save power if the battery gets low. At that point, you would have to connect the car charger to get service back. An icon like wireless waves shows up on the bottom left of the driving view with a stroke through it, showing that the wireless signal has been turned off.
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