Question: TomTom XXL 550 TM--battery issues

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29 December 2011, 14:24

The device would not charge with the original car power cord so I bought a new one. When I plug it in and connect it, both green lights are on. The device powers on but after about 10 seconds I get a big battery indicator on the screen showing red and the device powers off. When I connect it to the computer overnight it is not fully charged. Is this a faulty battery? Can it be replaced? Should I try to replace it? The device is just a year old (it was a Christmas present last year) and I feel like I haven't got the max use out of it. Will TomTom replace it?

Thanks for any advice!!
  • Traylaw

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    29 December 2011, 16:05

    Yes this sounds like a failed battery.

    Regrettable batteries do not have a guaranteed life span.  They can go bad shortly after you receive a device or over 2 years.

    TomTom will replace the battery if you call customer service to setup a return.

    You can also replace the battery yourself, it not too difficult. Here is a link which shows you how to change the battery.

    If you plan to change it yourself be sure to buy a battery from someone who also includes the tools necessary to open the case.

    BTW, I am not associated with newpower99 in any manner. I just provided their video because it is a good demo of changing your battery.
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    30 December 2011, 07:40

    Can't see any link to the video.
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    30 December 2011, 16:42

    Here is a site where you can get a battery and it has a video on it showing how to replace it:

    http://www.newpower99.com/Battery_for_TomTom_XXL_540_p/tomtom%20xxl%20540.htm" target="_blank
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