Question: Tomtom won't connect to my computer.

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15 April 2011, 09:24

I am running Linux, and installed tomtom home through wine. It all appears to work correctly, until I connect my tomtom XXL. It simply does not recognize it.

I heard that tomtom uses linux internally on the devices, so it should follow that surely it would be easy to connect to the device using linux.

So, the linux way of solving problems is to go and see if someone found a solution somewhere on the web. All I found was an excuse from Tomtom that not enough people are using Tomtom with linux to support that option.

Please count me as one more linux user clamouring for linux support from tomtom.

Let me assure you... there are more people using linux than you think, and also a lot of people using linux are doing their homework before buying, and they won't be buying tomtom unless it's supported.... so you guys are losing sales already without even knowing it.

A final point:

You guys got an embedded kernel for free from the linux community to enable to you to make the tomtom devices. These things cost a lot of money and effort by a lot of really smart people to develop. When people from that very same linux community that gave you this wonderful kernel for nothing asks for support, you tell them to go out and buy an operating system that costs more than the device they brought from you?

This is not very nice.
  • cheesekiller

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    15 April 2011, 09:52

    no its not very nice infact it makes them complete ***holes especially since microsoft sued tomtom awhile back which makes it even more funny...   w.e 

    http://www.petitiononline.com/tomlinux/" rel="nofollow
  • REXX10

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    13 October 2011, 17:08

    Yes I  agree there are alot of users who would like linux support.
  • spenlows

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    5 January 2012, 00:01

    can somebody tell me how to get my computer to recognise my Tom Tom Start 25. I can getonto and download my tomtom etc but everytime I connec6t my device it comes up saying device not connected. Or can anyone give me a phone number for uk I could contact as I'm just getting passed from pillar to post on thier stupid web site.
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    5 January 2012, 00:08

    Reset the unit by holding the power button about 15 seconds till you hear the drum sounds. Then try connecting the unit to the computer. It will NOT show as a separate removable drive but should show under Network Connections.

    If you log into the UK tomtom.com site and click on the Support tab, the phone number is found on the right side at the bottom.

    I believe UK customers also have access to Live Chat in the Support tab.
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    5 January 2012, 00:10

    Hi spenlows,

    your device won't be recognized as a removable drive but as a network. Please follow the steps below to setup your support application.

    1. Set either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as default browser.
    2. Download and install the myTT application: http://www.tomtom.com/getstarted" target="_self
    3. Make sure the myTT application is allowed to fully access the internet and isn't blocked by any antivirus or firewall software.
    4. Change the port settings of your myTT application from port 4000 to i.e. 4001 or 5000.
    5. I also recommend changing your preferences that future data gets downloaded first without the need of having the device connected to your computer.
    6. Connect your device to your computer, go to your network connections and set the network symbolizing your device as trusted network.
    7. Open the myTT application, log in using your account and link your device to that account. Keep in mind that you'll need a separate account with a different e-mail-address for each device.
    8. Always install application updates first without any other updates. After having installed all application updates install the other updates.
    9. Always plug your device in a USB port directly on your computer (preferably on the back) and not in any USB hub.
    10. Make sure neither the device nor the computer enters any kind of power saving modus during the installation process.
    11. Clear the cache of both the myTT application and the browser and try again.
    12. Try another USB cable to check if it is a cable issue.
    13. Make sure you've got the latest version of the Adobe flash player installed.
    14. Use a wired internet connection instead of a wireless connection if possible.

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