Question: Tomtom Warranty

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6 March 2012, 00:20

I purchased a Tomtom XXL in April 2011. My device will now not start up, and have reported the fact to tomtom technical support. They have now told me the following; Your device is a legacy device. This means that we are unable to support you on the phone, by email or using chat. The TomTom product lifecycle is explained further here: www.tomtom.com/15789.   There was no indication on the sealed brand new box that it was a  legacy device and there would be no warranty, any suggestions!
  • sallor225

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    6 March 2012, 01:12

    Try again. Your device has a 1 year warranty, unless it was a reconditioned unit.

    Make sure the battery is fully charges (2 hrs, device off).

    Hold the power button down till you hear the double drum roll for a reset.

    If it still will not start, connect to your computer, and turn XXL on, say Yes to connect. and try to "Operate My Device" navigating to some point in your city, disconnect (Device/Disconnect Device), and see if it is any better.
  • JugHead

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    2 May 2012, 23:24

    OK..then how do you file for a bad unit?
  • Traylaw

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    3 May 2012, 03:17

    Is you gps totally dead or is there some kind of life showing.

    Also it sounds like your gps may be past the 12 month warranty period for repairs.  When did you call them, before the 12 month period.  If you bought it in Apr 2011, its May now.
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