Question: TomTom ONE 30 series 125/130

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1 August 2011, 00:51

Hii there,

I think I forgot to back-up and i formatted my TomTom (ONE (30 Series) / 125 / 130 - 2GB)
and now it won't start anymore...
I connected my TomTom to my Computer, but nothings happen...
and at TomTom HOME it says: No device connected.

What can I do now?!
Someone can help me?

(sorry for my bad english)

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  • sallor225

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    6 August 2011, 04:29

    This has happened to others, and is repairable. I copied this from another Advisor (Kex) for a similar problem, and even though you have formated your device, follow the directions anyway, including the computer backupand your One should be restored.

    Before you connect and start this procedure be sure your TTHome is up to date (Help/Check for Updates to Home).
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