TomTom no longer offering updates for XL

Recently connected my Tomtom XL only to be told that updates were no longer available for xl and I could get a discount quote for newer model.
Quote varied roughly between £167- £230.
I looked on line for a similar model and found a Tomtom Go retailing at £89.99 from Argos My concerns are why future updates cannot be free and why should I replace a perfectly good device that I can ill afford to replace.Or is it simply down to Tomtom wanting to make a profit ?
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I received an email 1st February advising that updates had ceased on 15th November 2016. I asked why One XL users weren't notified before hand and was told "only those considered to be deserving customers were notified". I was made the same offer. This was a disgusting way to treat people who bought these devices in good faith. It is just a way to make money as the replacement Sat Nav's can be bought much more cheaply else where although probably without life time updates.
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Pretty sure that the GBP 90 GO model is not the same as the one they offered. There is a huge difference between the lower and higher end models. Anyhow, the reason why they've stopped the support for those is that it cost them a lot more to get the support done, then the actual income they have from the maps. Giving it for free wouldn't solve their problem. Most probably soon more models will follow from that range.

If you just compare it with some smartphones, try to get any sort of update after 2 years at certain brands (especially Samsung). The models TT included now in their EoL "project" are mainly around 10 years old.

Having said that, you can always sell the old model, as there is a high demand for parts at the right price. Taking that money plus the price of a map update, you can buy a new model with warranty (in the UK now for peanuts you can have even up to 4 years warranty), free maps and free traffic and speedcam information. It is a "nobrainer" to keep those old ones updated from a user point of view also, as they can stop working anytime soon (LCD issues, battery, GPS receiver, storage).
Not to mention the XL came with "FREE LIFETIME" Updates.So Lifetime doesn't mean Lifetime ????
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According to their T&Cs, lifetime is considered as 10 years OR until they provide support. Unfortunately in this case it is the latter. Mind you, these models are close to 10 years old anyhow (the release date I mean).
TT's explanation of "Lifetime"

Lifetime is the useful life of the device, which means the period of time that TomTom continues to support your device with software updates, services, content or accessories. A device will have reached the end of its life when none of these are available any more.

No mention Anywhere that I can find stating "10 years" It's just whenever TT decides to stop support,so "lifetime" as per TT can be when ever they feel like it. Another Microshaft company,If you don't upgrade,we'll force you to upgrade mentality.
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It was somewhere mentioned on the forum and I can recall seeing it somewhere specified as 10 years, as they had to put some number on it. But anyhow, as you say, whenever they decide to stop support, that's it.
Still a shit way to treat customers, no wonder so many are going to other GPS manufactures,
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Other GPS manufacturers have the exact same policy.
Except Garmin takes the time to explain it's position clearer than TT:
Lifetime Maps Terms & Conditions

If you purchase a nüMaps Lifetime subscription (sold separately) or if your Garmin product comes bundled with a nüMaps Lifetime or other lifetime map subscription, you will receive map data updates when and as such updates are made available on during the useful life of 1 compatible Garmin product or as long as Garmin receives map data from a third party supplier, whichever is shorter. A product’s “useful life” means the period during which the product (a) has sufficient memory capacity and other required technical capabilities to utilize current map data and (b) is capable of operating as intended without major repairs. A product will be deemed to be out of service and its useful life to be ended if no updates have been downloaded for such product for a period of 24 months or more. Unless otherwise stated, the updates you receive under the subscription will be updates to the same geographic area included with your Garmin product when originally purchased. In some instances, your Garmin product might not have sufficient memory remaining for you to load an update to the map data, in which case you will need to either (a) select reduced map data coverage for your updates, or (b) purchase separately a microSD™️/SD™️ card (if and as applicable to your Garmin product) and load all or a portion of the map data coverage for your updates to the card and insert the card into the microSD/SD card slot contained in your Garmin product. If neither of the measures in (a) or (b) can be used to address your product’s lack of sufficient remaining memory, then Garmin may conclude that the “useful life” of your product has expired. Garmin may terminate your nüMaps Lifetime or other lifetime map subscription at any time if you violate any of the terms of this agreement or your subscription. Your nüMaps Lifetime subscription or other lifetime map subscription may not be transferred to another person or another Garmin product.