tomtom go 720, problem with map you cannot use this map on this device

recently connected my tomtom go 720 to computer to update maps and afterwards it came up with this message and wont let me use my map.

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These 720's are generally deemed End_of_Life and are no longer supported see

Do you know the history of that device/maps purchased etc as that message often means it's been running a pirate copy of a map (not always of course)
Do you have a previous Windows or TTHome backup of the device you could reinstall?
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Hi @scarlett.mavor

Welcome to the community!

Sounds like a corrupted map.

I have reactivated the map on your device, I would recommend that you remove the existing map using TomTom HOME:

Then download a fresh updates which will be offered for download.

Vikram 🙂



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