Tom Tom one third edition screen freezing reset now NO MAPS FOUND or menu

We have a tom tom one third editioin which we have only used a few times since purchasing. My wife was using it for a long journey and on the way home it wouldnt start up properly only freezing on the loading screen. having got home we have reset the device and updated all of the software and backed up etc however it is now showing no maps found and there is no menu available has anyone any ideas?
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Information that would be useful for troublshooting.-

Did the updates include new updated maps......if the map was updated it would have taken at least an hour to download.

Also was the backup performed before or after updating the gps?

Troubleshooting -

First connect the gps to the computer. Using Windows Explorer open the gps drive and look for a folder the has the name similar to the region your map covers. Example in the USA you would see USA_Canada_Mexico. If the folder is there then the map files should also.....

Second look for a file in the map folder called mapsettings.cfg.... rename this file to something like mapsettingsOld.cfg

Reboot the gps and see if that cleared the problem.. a new mapsettings.cfg will be created automatically. But will be basically blank. Any favorities and other settings will need to be re-selected by you.

If still a problem, then perform a "Factory settings reset" you will find it under "change preferences" just hit the right arrow icon until it shows up.

If still no improvement:

You should check the memory for errors

In windows explorer right click on the gps drive and select properties-> tools -> check now

If no errors found that great, If error are detected rerun the disk check utility with Fix system errors and recovery bad sectors selected. Tell us if there were any errors found and if they were repaired.

Next uninstall and reinstall the application software in the gps.

Use Home's "Manage my device" to select the application software on your gps and remove it from your device.

 Do not remove the map just the "application"

Then perform "Update my device" to download a fresh application. You may need to perform the update a few times until "no updates are found"

Let us know if you were sucessful or not.