Question: Tom Tom one black screen of death

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11 April 2012, 03:20

               I just updated my maps two days ago at a cost of $65. Now it has the black screen of death with a blue line through it. I tried the reset button with no effect. Is it fried or is there something else I can do?

               I feel cheated out of my $65 if the machine is dead.

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    11 April 2012, 04:22

    Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the application software in the gps? If not here are the steps.

    First: make a backup of the contents of the gps using windows explorer. Per this link.
    http://www.tomtomforums.com/general-tomtom-discussion/17864-how-backup-contents-your-unit-computer.html" target="_blank

    Second: check the flash memory in the gps to make sure there are no errors.
    http://us.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9908/kw/memory%20error" target="_blank

    Third: If the memory has no errors or they were repaired by the check disk utility you just ran, uninstall the software on the gps and reinstall it.

    http://us.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2053/kw/reinstall" target="_blank

    Note: when reinstalling the gps software you may have to perform up to three updates to get everything installed. The  gps may not work correctly until all the updates are installed. Be sure to restart Home and the gps between each update. If the gps won't connect to the computer normally just reset the gps with it connected to the computer. The gps should automatically try to connect to the pc.

    Forth: If the gps is working now, there are a few misc files like startup / shutdown screens that you can copy back to the gps from the backup copynyou made. Here is a list of those files. Just use windows explorer to copy them from the main directory of the backup to the main directory in the gps. Do worry if you do not find all these files are not on your backup. Not all gps models have all these files.

     1. antitheftw.bmp   (this may have the named antitheft.bmp)
     2. autorun.inf
     3. splashw.bmp      (this may have the named splash.bmp)
     4. suspendw.bmp     (this may have the named suspend.bmp)
     5. tomtom.ico

    If everything is working ok now we recommend making a final backup of your gps. That way if something happens in the future all you have to do is delete everything on the gps and copy the backup to the gps and you are done.
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