Planned Obsolesence?

TomTom XL IQ Routes, Operate my ONE XL,

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19 May 2017, 02:35

TomTom XL S IQ Routes: Is anyone else furious, that after logging into one's account after an absence of some months, downloading the latest updates, the "Operate my One XL" screen option for amending personal info etc. is DISABLED ???
No warnings beforehand !!

Can I roll it back to the previous version using a backup?

This is dishonest, unethical and deceptive. Not everyone wants to buy a new TomTom every 12 months and for TomTom to just squib and say "Your model is no longer supported" smacks of planned obsolesence.

If this cannot be resolved, guess which brand of GPS I WON"T be buying next ??
What if I wanted to give or sell my perfectly good TomTom to someone else. How would they insert their address and ICE details ??

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    19 May 2017, 20:46

    You may want to post this in SatNav forum, not a sports watch one.

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