Question: Not enough free space to update

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11 April 2011, 22:00

Hi guys,

Trying to update a 3 month old TomTom One XL Europe. When I plug it into TomTom Home and try to update, Home tells me there is a new update available for the TomTom Application on the unit, but not enough space to install it... it asks me to remove items to make neccessary space.

The problem is that the only items on the unit are the Map of Western Europe, 'Janes' voice and GB postcodes... I'd be happy to remove Janes voice, but even that will not make enough space for the YomTom application update?

I'm guessing that the Map of Western Europe takes up 99.9% of the space on the device and leaves no space for any updates... is that correct?.. Isnt that stupendously short-sighted of tomtom? The unit is only a few months old!?

Anyway advice would be appreciated

  • dhn

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    11 April 2011, 22:04

    Use Explorer to copy your Western_Europe map to the computer. Once you are SURE you've got it on the computer, delete the entire map folder from the unit.

    you should now be able to dl a zoned map since the previous one has grown too large to install on a unit without a sdhc card slot.

    More info on zoned maps can be found in this thread:

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    22 January 2012, 18:37

    I'll jump in with a similar question. My XL, probably about three years old, doesn't have enough space for the Northern Europe map zone update. It has the old map zone, but can't update. This gives me serious headache as I do not want to buy new device when this works just fine. Also it irritates me tremendously that TT lets me buy map and just afterwards tells me oh, sorry, it doesn't fit to your device but thanks for the money!

    As far as I know, there's no memorycard -slot either, so I can't buy more space. Anything to do, or do I just throw that peace of **bleep** away and buy a new one, which most certainly will be anything but TT ? I wonder why I can't buy just a map of my country, which would fit, it would be enough for me.
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