New map not recognized on the XL 30 ?

I purchased an update for my XL30 navigation system. The last update before end-of-life of my XL30, a Benelux map.
My XL30 system contained a very old (few years) Europe map. Installation of the new map was successful.

However, it looks like my navigation system only uses the old map, not the new Benelux map. E.g. highway entries that have changed over a year ago are still shown as the old situation. But the new situation is shown on the TomTom MyDrive website, so it is known by TomTom.

* Is it possible to use both my old Europe and new Benelux map at the same time (I would like to use the latest map for the Netherlands, but also to be able to navigate in Germany)?
* How can I see which map data is used?
* Is there any setting I missed during installation that causes this problem?



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