Question: how to change start-up and shut-down images?

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11 February 2012, 22:50

Hi Friends.

I've got a TomTom ONE...works fine and is updated.  From TomTomHome, I've got start-up and shut-down images installed on the device.

What are the steps I need to take to use them? I don't see any access options within device's menu or via TomTom Home/Operate my One. 

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    12 February 2012, 02:55

    Nothing if the images were the correct size and named correctly.

    Size: for 4.3 and 5 inch screens the image must be 480 x 272 pixels. and the names must be splashw.bmp snd suspendw.bmp. For the 3.5 in screens they must be 320x240 pixels and the names must be splash.bmp and suspend.bmp

    You can crop any image using a photo editor to the size need and save them as a .bmp format.

    The only thing to adjust on the gps is the shutdown image that will be used. There are two possibilities. The normal shutdown screen uses an image named antitheftw.bmp ( antitheft.bmp for 3.5 in screens). This is the black background image with the man, red circle and a red line drawn thru the circle. To switch to using the image suspendw.bmp go to "Safety Preferences" and un-check "warn me not to leave the device in car"
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    2 October 2012, 12:52

    I have just purchased a Start 20, after several years running an original TomTom GO. I successfully changed the shutdown image on the old GO, but can find no way of doing it on the Start. I understand it is not possible to use TomTom HOME with the Start series, but trying to browse the device in Windows doesn't even get off the ground, let alone fly, for the simple reason that Windows doesn't recognize it as a drive or folder. Am I missing something?

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