Question: How do I reset the Home Address on my TomTom XL?

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8 June 2011, 19:30

I purchased this used and do not have the instructions.   All I want to do is manually change the Home Address.

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  • Kex

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    8 June 2011, 19:59

    To reset the Home address:

    1) Tap on the map when in driving view to access the screen called Main Menu.

    2) Tap on the icon called Change preferences.

    3) In the preferences screens, keep tapping the right arrow until you see the icon "Change Home location".

    4) Then pick it from your address, point on map, or current location etc.

    Also, to get the manual, using your e-mail address to identify your account, download and start TomTom Home. Connect your device and see if you are offered any updates. You may also get a message the the device is currently associated with a different account (the previous owner's e-mail, if he didn't reset everything), so just change the account to your e-mail. Once connected with TomTom Home, you'll have the option to consult the manual from there. Note: you do not have to apply any updates to the device if you don't want to, before consulting the manual.

    You should also plan to make backups in case anything ever goes wrong (this takes a long time, not just a few minutes). TomTom Home is here:


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