Question: How do I program a route into my XXL?

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22 November 2011, 19:53

I need a GPS, so that I can plan out a trip through the backroads of my choosing without missing any turns.  My friends all have Garmins and I know they do this all the time.  They even share good routes with each other.

I cannot figure out how to plan a turn by turn route on the computer and then transfer it to my tomtom.  I have a tomtom XXL.  Did I buy the wrong GPS?

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  • Traylaw

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    22 November 2011, 21:29

    You can if your gps supports itinerary planning. There is a third party software package called Tyre that incorporates google map that lets you plan a route by point / click on the roads / locations you want to travel. It then can download the information to the gps. The software is free and can be downloaded at:

    http://www.tyre.tk/" target="_blank
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