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hi guys. got a xl here that glitched during map update. was informed to do a format. went with out a hitch on the install for voices and maps. only problem is once off computer there's no splash image at start up or shut down. The tomtom home application fails on images to download. says try back later. Last but not least is there's no drum roll on power on eather. no backup and went by the site for a full fat32 format and removed al since it's a device that has life time maps.
Can anyone advise on this please ???
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Try like this:

1. Save everything from the device/card, using Explorer (or Finder on Mac), include all the files (hidden as well). It is also known as a manual backup:

2. Then format the internal storage (or memory card, depending which one you use) of your device. Use the COMPLETE format, not the quick.

3. Go to TT HOME, Manage my "DEVICE", delete everything from the hard drive and try the update again (in the new TomTom HOME app it is on the second page). At this point you might have to disconnect the device a few times and switch it ON/OFF to enable it to setup some important stuff.

4. Copy your voices and post codes back to the device (also the maps if that didn't download either).
I opened up the xl 350 and all thats there is, map, voices. there no sub or hidden folders or pictures once the format is finished with everything back in. Gps without pc has no car, startup and shut down images still. Also the startup drum roll is still not there. All voices do seem to work.
Is it the application that installs the startup parts that i am missing ? If so how can I get the orignal working application to redo the foramat ?
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The rest of the items can be obtained via community sources. Some should be available free of charge via TomTom HOME, or just some Google search.


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