Finding out product code

I am trying to find the productcode of the satnav I have but it is not on the unit and I only got the unit and charger/data lead when I received it from the person I bought it from so I have nothing that it is written on. Can anyone tell me how I can find it out please?
I have tried the website and the TomTom HOME application and neither can supply it from what I can tell
It is a TomTom One 3rd Edition 512MB (4N01.000) with S/N Y45058J13623
Any ideas anyone?

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"Y4">ONE 3rd Edition, 512MB, TomTom HOME NAV2 EoL

Sorry to say but you have been sold a lemon, as that device has been declared obsolete, so there will be no more updates. Your best bet is to claim a refund from the seller.



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