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I have a new computer running Win7 for os.  I have downloaded from the TomTom site the TomTom Home 2 application several times and installed (each time uninstalling before I download again).  It will run the install procedure and when I click finish (with start TomTom Home option checked) I get the following message.

Cannot start runtime.exe failed with error 1058.

Are there any suggestions out there to get tomtom home 2 loaded onto my new computer.  I have TomTom XL.

Thanks to all
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Are you using a administrator account to install the program?
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Hi Dennis,

do you have a 32bit or a 64bit version of Win7? I am using Win7 23bit Pro and I had no troubles installing TT Home.

Make sure the installation process is allowed to proceed. Depending on your security settings maybe you'll need administrator access to proceed the installation. Make sure no antivirus or firewall software is blocking your attempts.

To be on the safe sid restart your computer after having uninstalled TT Home from your computer. Before you're reinstalling delete all folders TT Home created. Afterwards install TT Home and restart your computer again. Now you may try to open TT Home. Also you may now connect your device to your computer which I would not do during installation of TT Home.

If you don't want TT Home to automatically start with Windows go to "Start -> run -> msconfig -> system start" and unmark the TT Home application. Afterwards TT Home will only start when your device is being connected to your computer if you set your TT Home internal settings that way.


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It seems that 32 bit configuration seems to be less troublesome on most things with win7. Be sure to do a full uninstall of Home. See the attached link and reboot between uninstall and reinstall. Also make sure you has full admin rights.
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You can also try to run the setup file in another compatibility mode:

  • Right click on the setup file 'myTomTomSA.exe';
  • Go to 'properties';
  • Click on the tab 'compatibility';
  • Click on 'run this program in compatibility mode for:';
  • The dropdown list will be activated;
  • In the dropdown list select 'Windows XP (Service Pack 3)' or 'Windows Vista (Service Pack 2);
  • Click on apply;
  • Launch the setup file;
I have Windows 7 Pro w/64bit and no problems
I'm having the exact same problem, but, I'm using VISTA which had an earlier verios that worked a few months ago

I have tried to instal the latest version but it will not open just runtime 1058

. I uninstalled everything as instructed and have downloaded multiple times with the same result (just to make sure it wasn't a bad download)

 I was checking files this evening and found  the 'latest' TomTom home is a USB disconnect (at least, that's what Windows Services tells me)

I'm pretty sure the 'fault' is with software and possibly deliberate to 'force' people to buy newer devices?

If so, it's driving me to the competition as I have Garmin, Magellan and TomTom

Following 'advice' on this forum, I now have a greenscreen 'brick 😠

Oh, almost all the links are no longer available?
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I used TomTom HOME even on W8 without any issue. Vista was always rubbish. Either try to run the installer as admin and/or in WXP compatibility mode, or switch on secondary logon in Vista (services.msc).
Your 100% right about VISTA, but for various reasons I canr upgrade to Win 7~8 and will probably be switching to a Linux distro after April next year
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Linux is not supported by TT, in case you are planning to update in the future (so have a Windows PC handy at a friend or relative).
Still no luck with TomTom Home. It's now been over a month.

I'm not sure if the problem is a VISTA update from Microsoft or, (more likely)something wrong with the TomTom Home2 coding

I sent message for support with screenshot of error 1058, hopefully I'll get something better than try another install 😠
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Maybe a secondary logon issue in the Vista, or error with permissions?
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Here's another user's post from some time back:

"I spent a frustrating week before eventually solving an access issue with Tom Tom Home following the purchase of an upgraded and larger Tom Tom device XXL 540. Tom Tom Home 2 could be downloaded and installed but in attempting to open Tom Tom Home, error message 1058 appeared.

In my case, this was an issue of compatibility. An older Tom Tom Home was installed on my computer when I was using Windows XP upgraded by Service Pack 2. This was changed to VISTA and then eventually to Windows 7. Some kind of incompatibility triggered the error message and blocked access.

Correction of this problem was eventually easy based on technical help from Pareto Logic. I simply accessed the Tom Tom Home program and right-clicked on it, then clicked on Properties. I selected the Compatibility tab and checked the item marked: Run Compatible with Windows XP SP2. I clicked apply and OK...Shazam....the problem was totally solved. Everything now works perfectly, Tom Tom Home can be accessed, Lifetime Map Subscription activated and all other Tom Tom Home services can be used.

I hope this is of help to anyone with a similar type of problem involving Error Message 1058."
You were right, it was a secondary log on issue. Secondary log on was disabled, I've set it to manual and TomTom Home 2 now starts up

Here's the instructions I recieved from TomTom Support (there was a lot more but this is what worked for me)

Please follow the steps mentioned below to resolve this case: 1) To resolve this issue go to "START menu by clicking on the pearl icon" on your task bar and under the search box type "services.msc". 2) Then scroll down to "Secondary Logon" and highlight the line. 'Right click' and go to properties and left click on properties. Under the general tab, change the start type from Automatic to Manual, press apply then start.... This will resolve the issue between the new HOME software on your computer and the TomTom device. In case the issue persists then we will need to again re-install the HOME software on your computer and change the compatibiltiy as given below: 3) Make sure you login as an administrator of the system before performing the troubleshooting. You can also reconfigure the Firewall, and Antivirus software, as they might block the HOME software installation. For more information, please see the following webpage:" rel="nofollow 
I have tried again and again to update Home from 2.8 to 2.9 as I was getting a fault notice every time I downloaded . The downloads worked however, I think. Eventually I cleaed out Home entirely and tried to reload.from the tomtom server. I accept winlatest to 'save' and that is th last I hear. 


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