Question: Cannot update Tom Tom One..Will not delete file mctx.dat

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16 January 2013, 22:01

Im tyring to update my gps but it stop at same error everytime..cannot delete mctx.dat..ive tried manually deleting it..but it keeps coming right back? ive tried renaming it but computer will not allow it..says the file is missing or corrupt..which i think its missing because it has 0kb in it..either way i cant update my tomtom because of this error? Please Help!

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  • Traylaw

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    17 January 2013, 01:35

    This is a problem with the memory storage. You can try formatting the memory and reinstalling everything. Note if the memory has a hardware error it may not format. Here is a link to the full procedure.

    http://uk.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13295" target="_blank
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