Question: No space bar showing on keyboard

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21 April 2013, 13:40

Hi there.  I have already sent a message to support about this but thought I would check on here too just in case anyone else has had the same problem.  My GoLive 750 wouldn't progress past the start up screen so I formatted it to erase everything in case there was a corrupt file.  Now it starts up fine but when I try to navigate to a postcode there is no spacebar on the keyboard screen.  All I can do is type in the first 3 digits which is no use at all.  I restored the backup but it made no difference.  The weird thing is, the space bar is there if I just want to enter the city or the street and city, but not when I want to enter a postcode.  Does this make sense to anyone and can anyone out there suggest anything please?  The device is over two years old and I've never had this happen before.

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