Wheel of death on Unit GO professional 620

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Hi all, we got ourselves 3 x Go professional 620. 2 of which we have set up without problem. the 3rd seems to be stuck with a 'wheel of death' on screen. We have done the reset on the unit and it does the drum roll and seemingly restarts. There is a very quick message saying that we need a map and then the wheel starts spinning and can't seem to get anywhere else. Is there a procedure i'm missing here?

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Contact Customer Services sort this out, as there might be a mis-registration of the third device to your account, especially if it was done in quick succession.

CS United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Will give them a call, it has updated slightly from where it was but has now been stuck on 'Updating (17 %)' for the last 2 hours so I still need to speak to support about it.
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Might you have an antivirus or firewall impeding proper transmission?
Certainly seems to be our Firewall that is stopping the update. Took 2 of them home and they are now up and running after downloading the maps/updates without problem.

Do we need to add an exception into our firewall that will allow for the final unit to fully download? (Have kept 1 aside as need to work out what is stopping the download and will need the work wi-fi when there are updates)
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Per @morbidel at this thread:
you need to have ports 80, 443, 3128, 3129 and 4000 open.
Below is what our IT people said about our system, as they mention it could even be the country trying to access is being blocked.

'All outbound ports are open by default, only inbound ports are blocked and have to be manually opened. When you open an inbound port, you have to tell it which internal IP address to go to, so for your multiple units, they would have different IP addresses.

Really we need to know where the Tom Tom is trying to talk to, to make sure that it isn't in a blocked country. If we know the URL that it is talking to (or IP address) we can add it to the whitelist.'
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For that technical info, and to jog TomTom, contact Customer Services, you might need to ask to speak to 2nd level support

CS United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m



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