Via 53 microphone not active after received a destination from smartphone

In Via 53 device, the microphone is not active after received a destination from smartphone.

Only way to wake up the microphone and ear my commands is to click on menu on mic icon.
After that i can wake up it telling "hello tomtom".

But at start, after what it received a new destination from smartphone app if i tell "hello tomtom" nothing happen, never.

I an forced to activate microphone manually the first time, and after that moment i can always tell "hello tomtom" and it ear all my commands.

I think is a software bug.
Can fix it?

Thanks a lot.

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If your turning Voice Control on using....
Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Voice Control

Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Voice Control....
Start voice control when I say "Hello Tomtom" Set to ON

Probably you did not read accurately what i writed.
The option is yet set to ON.
Infact when i turn on the device it hear my voice and execute voice commands.

ONLY if it receive a destination from the smartphone it stop to hear the voice!



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