Upgrade from GO 930 to GO 5200 - I want to transfer favourites

Hi there

I have just upgraded my go 930 to go 5200.

- is there any way to transfer my favourites to my new go 5200?

- I had a lovely representation of my toyota on the road but new go 5200 displays only big arrow as a representation of my car. Is there any way to change car appearance in go 5200?

Thanks for any suggestions in advance!

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Hi nocnyptak,

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Perhaps this helps:

Cheers, Mikko

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The favourites on the GO 930 are in the mapsettings.cfg file, as far as I recall. You would need to extract them in .ov2 format, then can use the MyDrive site ( to upload to the GO 5200.

You can't change the chevron to anything at all.
Thanks for your reply.

How can I extract them?
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I think there used to be a 3rd party tool called: "My POI Edit" or similar. Copy the mapsettings.cfg to the computer and then you can play around with 🙂
I will try it. Many thanks!
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Hi nocnyptak

Did the steps suggested by 'Zsolt' help?

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If you have further questions, don't hesitate to post back here 😃

I haven't found proper software yet.

I wrote to cs - waiting what they suggest
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Using window 10... After downloading the installer
I had to... Left Click on the installer file and run as an administrator

I am after my favourites rather than poi...

I did install this soft but it refused cooperation. I will look into this more on Friday.

Thanks a lot.
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You can't simply download a group of Favorites from your old GO 930 and install them as places in MyPlaces
If you want them as a place in MyPlaces, you have to manually recreate them one at a time on your new 5200 or by using the MyDrive Web (v2) Route planner

But I suppose it depends on how many Favorites you need to transfer???
As Zsolt said in an earlier post in this thread, you have to save the mapsettings.cfg file that your old GO 930 used. The mapsettings.cfg file is stored in the old TomtomHome program on your PC

Then convert the file to .Ov2 using the program Poiedit
When you have created your Personal POI Catagory and saved it to your Desktop

Rename the .Ov2 file you saved to the Desktop to something like "_Favorites"

(1)….. Saving your (Favorites) List from your Tomtom GO 930 using the free version of Softops POI editor
Download Softop POI editor…..
To a folder on your desktop; open the folder and un-zip the file.

(1.1)..... “IMPORTANT” If Tomtom’s “MyDrive” is not already running
Start-up My Dive there’s no need to login but Tomtom MyDrive must be running on the taskbar
Tomtom changed something several of updates ago and now Softop POI editor needs MyDrive running in the background to work

(1.2)..... Run the TomPoiEdrEn.exe file; you should now have the SoftTop POI editor running. Connect your Tomtom GO 750 to your PC USB port and turn it on.
When you GO 750 has connected the Softops Icons will change colour

Scroll down this page for the instructions for using the Softops POI editor : here...
The downward arrow Icon saves the Favorite file from my NAV3 Via 120 device
Sorry I haven't got a NAV2 device here to test so you will have to have a play around yourself

(2)..... Use "Save As" function in the Softops filer window to save the .Ov2 file to your Desktop

Rename the .Ov2 file you saved to the Desktop to something like "_Favorites"

Note the... "_Favorites.ov2" The Underscore before the "_F" is not displayed on the Tomtom screen, but it forces the POI category to the top of the list of POIs so it's easy to find

Use My Drive to load your New _Favorites POI Category to your device
Using MyDrive.....

You can now delete the MyPlaces that aren't required (Saves the MyPlaces blue star screen clutter) and use your New Favorites POI Category instead

Another advantage, of a Personal Favorites POI file, is that you can search for an Individual POI within the POI Category: See.....

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Hi nocnyptak,

Welcome to the Community!

Perhaps this helps:

Cheers, Mikko
That was super helpful!

Thank you so much to everyone's suggestions!



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