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6200 Professional (😆😆😆) There is a specific menu in Settings that allows to to show REST AREAS in the ROUTR BAR. Guess what? IT DON'T FEKING WORK!! TomTom have palmed me off for the last 30 days. They have never answered my queries direct and offer no solution to their software!! It is not fit for purpose and they have the cheek to call it 'Professional'. Never have I wasted so much money in my entire life. I've had the product more than 30 days which means I can't return it now. I thought TomTom would listen and make the necessary updates to rectify such a simple problem. How wrong was I.
If I plan a route from Stevenage to Dover via the M20 it misses out FOUR MAJOR SERVICES
  1. South Mimms
  2. Thurrock
  3. 3 Maidstone
  4. 4 Gateway
As a PROFESSIONAL driver, I have to plan my legal breaks around service stations on route.

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This problem has been an issue for over a year. Type in 'Rest Areas' in the search bar and you can see all the complaints and yet TomTom refuse to fix this problem. They advertise it as a 'Professional' device yet it doesn't offer the most basic function that a Professional driver requires ans that is to plan their rest stops.

When traffic conditions change and I can no longer reach my designated point I can't see where the next service station is on the Route Bar. As TomTom well know, it's illegal to drive along playing with the Satnav to find where I can stop next.

TomTom have not listened to the countless complaints. The Professional (hahaha!) 6200 is not fit for purpose
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Guess what. You so much as expose their failures you are 'blacklisted' as a troll 😆



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