Problems with GO520 WiFi- iPHone connetion and ALG

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I’ve had a new GO520 for a couple of weeks now and have been having a few issues. Is there any advice regarding them, are they suffered by other users, do TomTom know about them?

1. Bluetooth connects to my iPhone ok, but sometimes there is no connection for data or messages, sometimes only data has no connection. Sometimes it connects to data (cloud and traffic icons) without the MyDrive app open on the phone and other times it only connects with the app open.
2. Lane guidance only works for the first half hour or so after a drum roll reset.
3. 3D buildings sometimes appear and sometimes only a building footprint is displayed. To get the 3D buildings I usually have to do a drum roll reset.
4. Sometimes routing will freeze during a journey and need a reset. Today the blue road disappeared mid-journey but the next instruction kept working at the top of the screen.

I get the impression that TomTom hardware is barely adequate for the software, and it seems from this forum that users suffer multiple issues. Is my unit faulty and needing a replacement, or is this just how TomToms work? Very frustrating.

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lane guidance issues are supposedly being looked at by tomtom...but the issue is discussed here
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Unfortunately the impression I get is exactly that, “supposedly being looked at by tomtom” but with no evidence of it actually being looked at. I’ve recently returned to TomTom from a few years of using integrated Sat Nav or smartphone nav apps, and am already feeling fobbed off by them. He coin toss between tomtom and garmin seems to have fallen on the wrong side......
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@ChrisL69 3D buildings are only available in certain areas so perhaps you moved out of a 3D area? That said, yes, I've experienced the same thing. When the satnav gets too busy it often drops displaying 3D buildings, perhaps to keep up. The only way to get them (and advanced late guidance) back is to restart the unit.

I don't think it's insufficient hardware though. These latest models have twice the power of the earlier ones but they both fail in the same ways.
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@big yes totally aware of that thank you! When the Sat Nav gets too busy? Doing what? Navigating as it is supposed to and drawing a map as it goes? The buildings and lane guidance fail even when no route is planned.
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Chris, you'd have no lane guidance when no route is planned since there'd be no place to guide you to.

Yes, no idea what happens when it's "busy" doing what it's supposed to do anyhow.
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I can confirm that 3D buildings do disappear and have mentioned this with ALG a drum roll will restore short term.

Any update TomTom on whether any software update is forthcoming to improve the above situation?
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@big yes I know - it was an editing typo.
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So I have reported this to customer services and eventually received the instruction to do a factory reset, which I did. The factory reset makes no difference which I duly reported to customer services again, and they replied that I should do a factory reset. Why are TomTom customer services so infuriatingly rubbish? I am now waiting again for a reply which I am sure will take several days and be to do another factory reset. Come on TomTom please try harder to show you care about customers!!!
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A more instantaneous reaction may be got by phoning them and they can monitor your progress from their end and report back in real time

CS United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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They have now emailed to say it is a known and ongoing problem with no idea as to when it can be fixed (ticket number CCARE-2556). Doesn’t seem their software engineers are all that competent really!



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