How to update your GO device using Wi-Fi® ?

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Bought a VIA53 in Australia recently. Told it requires updates for maps, traffic cameras and application for a total of 2Gb with 3.6Gb free space. Mydrive does not seem to support the device, pushing me to WiFi. Connected to Wifi network, device recognizes need for updates, connected to power, bluetooth on phone shutdown so not contention. Press Update and get spinning circle before message saying 'Update Failed - please try again. If the update failed again contact support etc". Tried again about half dozen times and now contacting TomTom. Can anyone advise on how I update this thing? I have factory reset it and redone the setup - not sure what is next. Thanks
how do i get different apps to change please
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To hujhazy:

Don't be connected to computer with MyDriveConnect running in the foreground for the WiFi to work. However, if MyDriveConnect is in the background (that is, minimized to the desktop), then updates should proceed.

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To highnoon: What are you referring to and you should really start a thread of your own, not hijack a different one since assistance to both of you may get missed.
Thanks for the feedback. Mydrive wasn't running during first attempt. I have tried with bluetooth off and also when running MyDrive on a connected phone. This runs and then responds with 'Oops something went wrong". It seems pointless to observe that helpful error messages are not exactly TomTom developer strong points. Can the update be achieved any other way?
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It does seem strange the problems that others have reported here and not quite clear whether those problems are with the device or the wifi connection router.
All I can report after almost a year is that I have been able to update my GO6200 over wifi everytime that has been any updates. My average download speed at home is around 46mbs, so maybe that gives some advantage.
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HI hujhazy,

Welcome to the Community!

Looks like something interrupted the connection causing the update to fail. I'd recommend you to reset your device and try again. Also update first only the device software (v17.200) and proceed then with with other updates.

Cheers, Mikko
Have been downloading American Maps (US Canada etc) to new GO520 using wifi. Has taken 4 hours to download 38%. Is this snail pace normal?
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Hi Brenda,

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The download speed depends on your internet connection. Also make sure you have good connection to your modem/router.

According to our logs you interrupted the download after a minute or so. Did you perhaps accidentally tap the Cancel button?

I'd recommend you to update items - especially maps - one by one. You can also share your computer's internet connection for a more stable wired connection. For this you need to have MyDrive Connect installed and running on your computer. Please, see above for more information.

Cheers, Mikko
Haven't even started updates - still trying to down load Usa. Over 6 hours and still only just 50% ? Slowest download ever - just trust it works or there is going to be more then spits tomorrow. At this rate won't be finished when have to take car out tomorrow so what happens when drive away from wifi?? Don't say will have to start again??
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Oh the irony.

In a post about updating over wifi the advice given over and over is 'connect it to a pc with usb'
I received my GO 520 yesterday. I connected it to WiFi, plugged it in at 3:30 pm Central time and proceeded to download 5 updates. At 9 am this morning it still is at 64% completed. Does it really take this long? I've disconnected all other devices from WiFi that I can. We don't have a fast Internet connection, but we can still can stream tv on several devices.
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Suzthejeweler wrote:

We don't have a fast Internet connection,

The answer is in the question.

Try to update one by one!
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I'd say if your internet connection is fast enough to stream to several devices devices then your internet connection is plenty fast for map updates. It's definitely not normal to take that long. I consistently can install a new US map in under 40 minutes with a pretty mediocre internet connection and a map is by far the largest of updates.

Perhaps there are a lot of WiFi errors in the background which is slowing things down. Just guessing.

WiFi incompatibilities are difficult to troubleshoot. Truly not much to suggest other than trying to update using a different WiFi next time (perhaps at work, if allowed?) or using a USB connection instead to see if it makes a difference.
Other note if your having wifi issues, setting it to a fixed channel (1, 5 or 11) instead of automatic (as some routers incorrectly report 0 as the channel they are on) and set N speed to 20 bw (instead of 20/40 auto) sometimes changing the wifi speed to G only can fix other issues

In UK BT hubs are notoriously unreliable when set to N technology and incorrectly report channel zero not the actual channel it automatically set it self to when it is set to automatic channel selection, typically only had issues with apple products refusing to associate with the BT hub after random time it's been on
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A majority of complaints I've read here where we know the equipment used have been from people using BT hubs. On the other hand a lot of people here are in the UK so it follows, perhaps.
The thing is of you call BT UK tech support they changing it to channel 1 setting it to G only is there standard practice to fix this issue

possibly change the 5ghz SSID and put 5g on the end of the name as some devices Don't play nice when switching between 2.4g and 5g (unrelated to Tomtom Devices as they only support 2.4g, as I seen a comment about having router on same name on 2.4g and 5g may cause issues witch it wouldn't as tomtom Devices don't support 5ghz )



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