Go 620 will not install updates

Try to install updates and get oops something went wrong please try again. One of the updates is for software. Tried for 2 days . How do I get updates to install?

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I have exactly the same issue with my GO 6200. Have tried re-setting the machine by holding in the "start button" until I hear the "drum roll", etc multiple times ... but with no success.

Otherwise the machine is working fine. Until now all map updates downloads, etc have been trouble free. Is this something to do with the latest software update I wonder ????
the same to me, welcome to the club

I use a GO 6200, it seems to be no problem of our devices
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I agree ...

I guess you may have done the same, but I have this morning spent ~30 minutes listening to music courtesy of the TomTom helpdesks ( Have tried both UK and Poland) ... of course to no avail ...

I get the feeling a TomTom employee monitors these discussions and ocassionally steps in ... I'm keeping my fingers crossed ... !
I started an update yesterday and it deleted my maps. I can't seem to get them back so I have a totally useless satnav. I know there were problems with TomTom servers yesterday. Not sure about today. Have spent hours trying to get this to work. Some information from TomTom would be appreciated.
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Surprise surprise, same problem on my Rider 550, required update, must be installed before you can modify, update etc. Only it crashes with "Oops, something went wrong". What went wrong was of course buying a tomtom, I assume its just another problem that tomtom will deny / ignore. total pain as I have spent a good hour+ checking and resetting my wifi, internet, computer connections (I get this both on wifi and tomtom connect via usb) Would help if they admitted there was a problem, but obviously, bucket of sand, head down and ignore it all !!!!
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Bloody hell ! Tomtom have posted abanner (Above) admitting thrre are problems with my drive and tomtom services !
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Everyone please see the explanation I posted here:




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