Cannot update GO 5200 to latest version

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I cannot update my Tomtom GO 5200 to the latest version (neither with wifi nor with MyDrive Connect). The new version of maps and software do not appear, it says the device is up-to-date while it clearly has an old map (Europe v975) and software (v16.4) version.

From other posts I see other users have similar issues.

It thus seems like the TomTom Services update service is not working. (Maybe related to the new software version 17.1 or overloaded servers?).

Could you please provide help or feedback on this issue?

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There are similar reports in the German forum. These do not only concern updates, but the map download at all.
Thanks. Probably we just have to wait until they fix this at Tomtom.
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Hi all,

Unfortunately, we're currently having a technical issue due to which some GO Wi-Fi®️ users are not getting updates offered. We're working hard to find a solution to this as soon as possible. Meanwhile, this can be solved by our Customer Service technicians pushing the v17.1 update to the affected device.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you!

Cheers, Mikko
I am experiencing the same issue. Is there any solution to this day?

I thank you in advance.

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See the link in the banner to this thread



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