Bluetooth Connection GO 5200

I have just bought a Go 5200 and as many people, I have more than one vehicle some of them have only got 2 wheels.
I understand the bluetooth is unable to connect to headsets or speakers I assume so TomTom can make more sales as people would have to buy more devices to cover all there vehicles.
Now I would have bought a rider model to do both jobs but the rider models don't seem to have a sim to receive live services and you have to pay for a data package of some sort for your phone and connect that.
So why haven't the rider models got data connectivity or can you add headset connectivity to the go5200.

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Maybe an option... Also waterproof cases

Thanks YamFazMan it is an option but one that is over my budget at the moment.
I think I will have to stick with my old ONE.
All I need it someone to make a satnav with a screen like my bike digital speedo, I can see that no matter where the sun is.
Hi, why I cant connect to the Tomtom services? "Oops, something wrong. Can you try later" Sorry, when later???
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Click on the red banner at the top of the screen.



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