Account connection to a 6200 with working wifi failure

After 2 days and a note on the TOMTOM website things are slow as we have an issue... i am not able to connect to my account on my brand new Go 6200 to update.

Well No... the web site is working as I can connect to my account page on my lap top and the access data is correct.

WIFI is connected and the account step will not connect.. I get the OOps message and yes I have reset 3 times following the documented process and so 2 days later still can't update my brand new item that has 8 months outta date maps and I wanna download Yoda additions etc etc... Oh. it is impossible to connect to the computer by cable it seems as the mydrive site wont recognise the cable/product and the website says don't use the mount to do it... (and yes ive tried it anyways)... I'm going to throw a £300 product at a wall shortly.


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Im also getting the Oops message, assuming something awry TomTom end?
oops message here to.. sucks bigtime.
Yes same here - new sat nav bought a few weeks ago very frustrating - does anyone from TomTOM come on and comment on this - poor show for such an expensive product
I have the same problem. My 6200 arrived today, not working. If I won't get a resolution by the end of this week I will send it back for refund and keep using the unit that the 6200 WiFi should replace - which is a bit old but never fails.
TomTom has had issues for 48 hours. Cannot update maps. Even if you do a reset. They are working on the issue
Thank you Jabba. How often do they have this type of outage and how long does it normally take them to resolve?

Also, I am rather disappointed that MyDrive Connect doesn't recognise the unit, so I am basically stuck with an old map that I can't update and no way of transferring the locations I have stored in MyDrive to this unit.

Rather disappointing, as I said.
FYI, Mine just let me back in, currently updating.. good luck.
It works now.

After this experience I have to say that TomTom's communication strategy is inadequate, to put it politely.

A bulletin system to inform users of problem with the network would be cheap&easy to deploy. It would be very useful and TomTom's customers would be much happier.
Hopeful after TT-James comment I have just tried again and getting same message. Come on TomTom surely you can do better than this - agree with rdc but also why doesn't tech support come on to this forum and offer answers???!!



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