Lane Guidance not working after the latest update......again

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D-Stream wrote:

Yes only a reboot gets it back. Soon as your unit gets stressed with traffic loads or lots on the route bar. Bye bye alg.

That's absolutely true. Stressed by traffic loads..... bye ALG. After reset, ALG is back for a short time.
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The "stressing" of the unit with traffic loads or lots on the route bar as D-Stream noted also causes the 3D buildings to partly or fully disappear until a reboot. I only mention in here since it may or may not be related to the ALG disappearing.
Exactly what big said.
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Good morning,

I have just raised another ticket with customer support regarding this ALG fault so can i please ask anyone reading this thread who hasn't logged a ticket to please do so and then maybe Tomtom will sort this issue out...or maybe they won't :@:@:@
I left a review on the GO5200 on Halfords website saying ALG and 3D buildings don’t work. The reply from Cameron was that they fixed the issues back in January - a big fat fib! I will raise another ticket.
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yeah i agree a total lie Chris as usual from Tomtom and thanks...the more people that complain about this issue the better
Here is a perfect example

@2.52 lane guidance missing
@6.49 and once more

Its more interested in the fact your in a speed camera zone on the larger route bar.

This is missing the lane guidance as you can see the other unit has it. These are MAJOR uk junctions and motorways not side roads.

Where as here

@1.13 its working on the right unit.

This is what we are on about.
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Hi D-Stream

Thank you for sharing this:)

I have already sent this link to our product team. I think the video should help them with the investigation process..

Best regards
Vikram 🙂
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Had a reply from customer services today regarding this issue and it was just what I thought it would be

The reference number for your query is 171111-xxxxxx
I understand from your email that the advanced lane guidance feature does not work on your device. After the factory reset it works for an hour or so then it does not work.

I apologize for the inconvenience which may have caused.

I am a customer too and I completely understand your frustration. If this would have happened to me I would have felt the same.

I’m glad that you emailed us and I will take care of this immediately.
I have now discussed this issue with our 2nd line technical team and we do have same issue reported by some other customers as well. Based on this we have created a ticket (CCARE: 2556) to be investigated on this and forwarded it to the developers.

Our developers are actively looking into this issue impacting some customers. I regret that at this time they have not determined the underlying cause and cannot therefore give me any reference point on when they will have the issue fixed.
We continue to investigate the issue and look forward to release software update to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

In the interim please accept my sincere apologies for any and all frustrations incurred.

If you need further assistance or have any more queries, please feel free to call us on 02079490134 or simply reply to this e-mail and we will be more than happy to help.
Our working hours are 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
With Best regards,

TomTom Customer Support

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So I reported this issue with my GO 5200 again to customer support and pointed out that I have gone through all the restore, reset and reinstallation steps so please don't ask me to do them again. They replied telling me it will be solved by reinstalling the software. TomTom customer support make you want to scream sometimes. I've replied pointing out that it happened with my GO 520 which they told me to return to Halfords as it must be faulty, and to refer to this thread on the support forum.

TomTom seem to prefer BS to actual action. This is nothing but awful customer care!
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Hi ChrisL69...I had another message today telling me to do yet another reset despite me telling them not to insult my intelligence by asking me because we all know it does not fix the issue so yes you are right customer services do make you want to scream. I’ve had the same issue with my go5000 and go 6200 but I was told today it has only been a problem for the last year which is nonsense as I have been reporting this fault since the first nav4 devices and yeah customer care is garbage
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Hi Chris and Covkid

I have reviewed the cases open with the customer service and informed them about your posting here.

The Halford swap indeed is not a fix for this issue unless we get the bug fixed from our side.Also, I asked them to avoid repeating the same troubleshooting in this case.

I can understand the frustration level but believe me we trying everything we can, to get it sorted.

Any information which I find useful here, which will help our Product team with the investigation process, I make sure it gets passed on asap.

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Today NO ALG showing (Setting 'Show Preview only')
Device GO 520
M5 J7 Southbound
M5 J6 Northbound

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Hi YFM...i haven't seen any ALG for a while on my 6200 even after reboots