Start 60 Network adapter

My Laptop does not recognize My Start 60 TomTom. I am using Windows 10 Version 1703 OS Build 15063.674. There is a Network Adapter "Tom TOM" which is Windows dated 21/04/2009.
1. Is there a later vision of the adapter available?
2. A link to obtain the driver?


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Have you updated to the latest version of MyDriveConnect ( get that from here
I have that version and locale loaded. Thank you for your advice.
Thank you for your help. I have that version of the software installed.
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Hi there JohnWR,

The latest drivers are included in the installation of MyDrive Connect, but if your Start 60 is not recognised you might need to update them manually. You can see the steps for doing this, as well as other general tips for what to do when a device is not being recognised, in this FAQ on our support site:

I hope this helps, but just let us know if you have more questions!

All the best,
/ Jonatan



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