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Just tried to update my sat nav and the update seems to have removed all maps. Never had an issue in the past and I don't use that often but when I did It kept prompting an update as maps older than 6 months.
Update failed, maps (western europe) are no longer on my device and know it will not connect to my drive connect for updates just says 'waiting for your device' even though the main screen on 'my drive' says connected. It also says on the sat nav checking updates but still will not connect for the actual update. There is also a repair option in my drive connect and that also will not connect.
Using windows 10 and have the latest version of my drive connect.
Have also tried removing and downloading my drive connect and also have carried out a reboot of the sat nav.................................any ideas?
It was perfectly fine before this.

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Been at this most of the day so far.
Mydrive connect has now connected and attempts the update but it's just doing what it was before. Reaching about 60% and failing, must have tried 20+ times today and it won't go any further.
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