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hi, I'm not a highway driver. I have someone google easiest route for me, not involving highway. I've tried doing it on my VIA 1515M, but it is not giving me route I want to use. Are there settings I can change to get route I want?...Thanks
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In the "Setting menu" (UK) you can tell the Route planner to Avoid Motorways
There Must be a US equivalent avoid Free-way ???

yes, I chose that, but it's not giving me same instructions as google map does, only gives one choice. Thanks for responding.
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To be offered the "Route type" selection each time you plan Try.....
From the main menu
Tap (Settings)
Right Cursor once for next page
Tap (Route Planning)
Tap (Route types)
Select "Ask me every time I plan"
Follow on screen prompts to exit

Note..... Now when you are now planning the route the Planning screen will give you six route type options
There is a seventh route type options "Limited speed" If you Right Cursor once to next page



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