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The map view shows different colors, depending on the selected scheme, do these colors have a meaning, i.e. city vs county?
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Not for as far as I know. It's just up to the user which colorsetting is preferred for the day- as for the nightsetting.

Nothing more than that 😉
The colors I refer to are those which are not roads, lakes etc. The background colors. On the scheme which I have selected portions of the background will be green and others will be beige.
Well, these refer to f.e. in Atlantic-view:

Light green: rural

Dark green:forrests

Sort of violet: city areas

Grey: offices and factories etc.

I don't have my TT at hand right now but something like this is the meaning of it.
Thank you I will test it out. I wish the documentation would discuss things like this.
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This one can be usefull:

Fuselage wrote:
This one can be usefull:

Glad you posted this Fuselage -- it's a nice utility, used by many to edit and create their own color schemes for TomTom pnd's. It's free and extremely easy to use. It's also handy to answer the kind of questions the OP raised, e.g., what do the various colors indicate. There are numerous color schemes on the net available for free download - and these can all be loaded into the color scheme editor for preview and/or tweaking and saving as a modified version.

Re: the OP's question - the color schemes that are provided in the TomTom devices are also available online for download -- and if you load these in the editor, you can read the text description for each item that has a color associated with it -- and look at the color. It's a bit more complex than most will anticipate -- I was surprised at the number of colored map categories each color scheme describes. Also fun to download and install a number of different color schemes on your device so you can vary the look of the maps periodically to suit your mood , match your car's interior, etc.