Battery won't charge

My device shuts off as soon as it is disconnected from either the car or the USB adapter. I've checked the Battery settings and everything seems correct. I've done a soft reboot and still can't hold a charge.

The device is less than 1 year old. Any suggestions.

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Sounds like repair is needed 🙂

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Sounds like repair is needed 🙂
This is evidently quite a common problem. My unit stopped charging the battery after only about a month of light use. I was advised by TomTom  to return my unit (shipping cost = $30) and I would receive a new unit. I am still waiting for the replacement.
It would appear to be a common problem. Maybe give up on TomTom. I am.
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have the same problem.. battery will not charge, and still haveing problems with the gps single.
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Don't think it's a repair issue, this happen when I updated to the latest map.
Had that problem with my last TT via live 125, charged when connected to my computer, but not in the car, and I bought 3 charging leads before I discovered it was the device itself
Unfortunately the device will need to be repaired.
TomTom Battery replacement

BUT you will invalidate your warrantee - if you think that is worth anything.

my battery won't charge. I have it connected to my computer for long periods and to my car also but the battery won't charge and shuts immediately when not connecred to power source.
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Which device do you have?
I got a 'urgent' update for my Rider. Now wont charge, wont power up even when connected to power source. TomTom tell me my unit is 'no longer supported' and I have to buy a new one. Well, if it is no longer supported why did I get an 'urgent' update.
These units are quite old.  Possible the battery has died, not from use, but a combination of not being used and use.  Your unit may have been sitting on the shelf somewhere for a long time before you purchased.

Since TomTom will no longer service - I have done a short video on battery replacement.


Here is how to install new battery in TomTom Rider 2

I did a short video - around 2 minutes that quickly shows you how to dissemble the TomTom Rider 2 so you can replace the battery yourself.

I also provide the names of vendors where I purchased the battery and tool sets that were necessary.  The TomTom Rider 2 uses tamper proof screws to hold it together.

Note the blue on removed screws.  I assume that is something like blue loctite.  Blue loctite is used to keep the screws from becoming loose, but can be unscrewed with a little pressure." target="_blank
I have the same problem & only had my Tom Tom Live 1000 for 2 weeks, do Tom Tom not answer any of these comments or do anything about it? Or is it a waste of my £200?
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You can always give them a call for an answer. This is a community forum. A new battery is around £10.
I have sent them a email & received a reply about resetting my device but they tell you to charge it for 2 hours first, but the problem seems to be it won't charge! As I said its only 2 weeks old & don't want to spend another £10 on a new product. I use it everyday so I would be lost without it (literally) for 2 weeks while they repair or replace it.
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If it is 2 weeks old, return it to your reseller and get them to call TT to RMA it.
Tom Tom are rubbish dont touch them. I have had two now both of which will not charge. They need to be plugged in at all times. What is all this rubbish about dont let it heat up in your car. Where are the warnings and why does this not happen with mobile phones. If the device overheats and renders it unchargeable then surely it is not fit for purpose. After sales were also very arrogant and unhelpful.

Stay Clear!!!

edit: removed 3rd party promotion
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Hi Angryman234

Of course Smart Phones never get hot

Hot iPhone.png    Hot iPhone 5.jpg

Or burst in flames

Hot iPhone 2.jpg  Hot iphone 3.png

Hot iPhone 4.jpg    

My TomTom is two years old and now will not hold a charge. TomTom advice carry on using it with the lead, but of course with a flat battery I am unable to retrieve Traffic information, as the device will point out when first switching on.

 I have just spoken witrh TomTom, who advice that i should by a new one and have sent a twenty per cent discount voucher.

It may be wise to try another make!
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A battery is cheap and there are plenty of videos online, how to replace them.
About $60 american dollars which will translate to about £50 plus shipping cost.
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It is around USD 10... Brand new.
I have a Go Live 1535, model 4ER50. I had this unit for a couple years now. My original battery was starting to not hold a charge and would only charge to 85%, no more then that. I found a replacement battery on EBay.. It was listed as New Other and was removed from new units that were being scrapped. I installed this battery and placed the unit on wall charger for three hours. Took it off of charged and attempted to turn on. Nothing happened.d back into the wall charger, held start drums played and started up. Got the Low Battery warning. Looked at the battery status and it stated, 0% battery power, no charging indication and on battery power. Took the battery back out and used a multi-meter to read it's voltage. Reading was 0 volts and I tried a continuity test , no reading, indicating the battery has an open circuit. tried the original battery and got 3+ volts. Put that back in and now I have the same problem as before and same battery status readings, 0%, not charging and on battery power. Contacted support. Their response was out of warranty and 20% discount on new unit. What is happening? Help Please. Thanks Grandpa09 
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Maybe you got a faulty battery. Hopefully it didn't damage the device. You could try to get a proper new-new battery and return the faulty one to the seller.


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