TomTom Go 6100 Windshield support problem

First post for me.
I've a TomTom Go 6100 and I've a problem with my windshield support. It seems that now and then the power disappear and the tomtom start to go on standby.
I've tried to use the cable directly and it works good. So I've assumed that the problem is on the windshield support.
Any advice to solve this problem? I've to clean the contacts?


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Yeah, I've tried exactly the same thing: I plugged the cable directly on the nav and it works perfectly. So the solution is to buy a new holder. 🙂 Thanks
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I had same problem mate it was caused by a faulty mini usb socket on the actual screen holder where you plug the cable into it. it had become loose probably due to solder breakage to test it plug the cable directly into the back of your satnav without the holder I used it like this till I got a new holder and used elastic bands as a temporary fix to hold it down hope this help's you out
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check the part that goes into the cigarette lighter plug , reinsert it. This is the only part that can move.

If still does not work, try tomtom customer support for a replacement cable / plug under warranty



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