TomTom Go 50 will not update

I am trying to update my TomTom GO 50. My OS is Win10. MyDrive Connect shows Version 16.101, map and speed cameras - they download but won't move on after download to update device. I've tried rebooting everything, clearing cache, installing each item independently, installing a memory card, restoring device software... NOTHING will get ANY of these these updates onto my satnav. Gave up trying. When I tried again this weekend there was a MyDrive update to install so I know that's up to date.
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Hi, I have had similar trouble with my TomTom25. It seems (from their support line) that anything which interrupts the download will leave the download pending, and that locks out both the user and the staff there. Interruptions might be from anti-virus or firewall software, or a break in your network or broadband connection.
The only way out, they say, is to wait for 72 hours for the system to 'reset' and then try again.
Hope that helps!


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