TomTom GO 50 not connecting to iOS 12.1.2


Recently I upgrade my mobile iOS version to 12.1.2. Since then even though Bluetooth paring is successful, device is unable to connect to MyDrive and shows the message "Unable to Connect to TomTom MyDrive" on the device. The same message is received on my new phone XS which is running the same iOS version as well as on the old iPhone 5s which was used successfully over a period of 3 years but recent iOS upgrade show the same issue on this phone as well. Will be more happy if someone can share some fixed to come out of this issue at the earliest. (I even rested my GO 50 device 2 time)

I had posted another topic on the same issue thinking that it was due to the new phone XS. But from my current testing with old & new phones find that it could be an issue with the iOS update. Will be happy if some fix for this could be released at the earliest.

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Hi All,

After a number of research, finally I got my device connected to iPhone using iOS 12.1.2. Presently my device shows both traffic and speed camera services as activated. Still need to test the services are fully functional.

Steps Done:
  • Added TomTom Traffic Checker Widget to iPhone active widget screen.
  • Make sure the widget can access location by setting the privacy to TomTom MyDrive.
  • Re login to the MyDrive Application.
Hi All,

A quick update. Even though the above steps resolved my connectivity issue(Still not tested fully), I came across an article stating iOS 12.1.2 have issues sharing data to third party apps which to expected to be fixed by 12.1.3 which now in beta. Hope this also helps.



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