Tomtom crashes during update now I can’t use it


I posted yesterday about problems trying trying to update my new go6200 and got answers saying the servers were down and that’s why I couldn’t log in.

It finally let me log in this morning and said I had a software update, maps and speed cameras.

I ticked them all and left it downloading them.

I have gone back to the device and it said the download had failed, I clicked ok and it restarted the device.

It is now displaying a message saying I have no maps installed and need this to use the device, I click for it to check for a map update and it says I have no new maps available to me then goes back the screen saying I have no maps, so I am stuck in a loop.

I can’t factory reset, can’t download new maps or get off this warning telling me I have no map.

Any suggestions on what I can do?

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