Problems logging in on Go6200

I have brought a go6200 and am trying to set it up, I have connected to WiFi and as soon as I get to the screen saying login to TomTom account I enter my account details which work fine on the MyDrive app and the website (I have tried resetting the password just in case) and I get an error every time saying “oops we are having trouble accessing TomTom services. Please try again later”

I have searced the problem on here and tried downloading TomTom Connect on the laptop and then trying to log in with it plugged into USB then tried to update as was suggested for another user describing the same issue but no joy.
Every solution I see says to update the device which I can’t do as it won’t let me update it without logging in....

I have reset it 10+ times and can not get past this.

bluetooth works fine, traffic works fine - i just can’t logon to update the device.

Any help would be appreciated.

Best answer by Jabba46 9 January 2019, 23:05

Tom Tom needs to sort these problems ASAP. What a joke

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HI, not sure if there's a general problem with TT Connect or not at the moment. (See next post)
Same problem with my go5200. Cannot do any updates or connect to my drive. Done a reset. Still same problem. Sent customer services message 24 hours ago. No response. Awful service 😞
Seems to be a bit of info here - but doesn’t specifically say why servers are down or when they may be back.
Tom Tom needs to sort these problems ASAP. What a joke



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