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I have a 2 day old 6100 series that I tried to update today. It failed somewhere in the process, all I know is when I went back to my devices i saw an failed noticed and I hit ok. On MY Drive Connect is shows that my device is up to date, however when I look under my content the only remaining items lefts are Speed camera information.. No more map data what so ever. It was pre-installed with the lifetime maps, at-least this European version was. All I want to since I can not factory reset this thing is simply get these maps put back on and my services reactivated as it was intended to be. Is there a way to download these maps again???!
Its seems when I call the help center and they ask to put me on hold, the call drops (4 times now back to back) and the process is never resolved. 😠
Completely annoyed. After 4 different TomTom devices I think this one will be my last. Great products when they work, but when they don't and you need help its just too painful for me for GPS devices. This is not the first time but again and now with a new and improved device.:@
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Try clearing the cache in mydrive and then close mydrive,

Next drum roll reset the tomtom, reconnect and try again.
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Also make sure your using USB 2.0 and it's a direct connection to the PC, ( not a hub )


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