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I recently purchased a GO 5100.

When i first got it 2 days ago i downloaded MyDrive connect and added my device it connected fine and shown available updates, some of which i was able to install, the other a large map update i was not as it was too big and i needed a memory card.

I purchased a memory card and inserted it and it asked to format it which it did.

I then connected it to the computer and it shown up as connected, when i selected the updates and pressed ok it downloaded them and then went to install, but it was stuck on waiting for Device (for over an hour)

I then Drum reset the device - still same issue.
I restarted the computer - still same issue
I Reset the device from the system menu - still same issue

I then downloaded 'Revo Uninstaller' and then reinstalled the MyDrive Connect Software.

I am now stuck on 'Your Device Is Being Added'

Been into the network adaptor settings and i have changed it to a RNIDS6 as per one of the help files but again, the exact same issue.

I am at the end of my tether now after wasting nearly 3 hours tonight to update my new satnav. I have looked on the forum and seen people with the issues above but these were 2 years ago and the issues were apparently fixed.

Can anyone provide any more avenues for me to look into before i return the device fauly. Im sure its not the device and its the MyDrive Connect software.

To say i am disappointing in the new product and service is an understatement, i have used a GO730 for many many years but finally decided to upgrade, so far this feels a downgrade to a product that is not fit for purpose.

Thanks in advance and apologies for the long post but wanted to be as clear as possible on the problems i am having and what i have tried so far.

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Cant see a way to edit my first post to Update..

The original machine was running Windows 10

I have also tried it on a Windows 7 machine and have the same issue.

I then registered a brand new TomTom account and reset the SatNav and then used another Windows 10 machine and signed in on my new account on the satnav and on the computer and i still says YOUR DEVICE IS BEING ADDED
Please leave your device connected.

But it never adds it...

Are the TomTom account Servers down?

I am out of ideas now so signing out till tomorrow when hopefully there is a reply that can help with my problems
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Servers apparently are totally screwed up. Many users in various countries are having similar issues.
dhn wrote:

Servers apparently are totally screwed up. Many users in various countries are having similar issues.

Perfect reply and thanks for the info.

Why is there no such thing as a TomTom service status?

I really enjoyed getting stressed and wasting several hours tonight on my new device because i'm unaware of your servers being broke.

Safe to say my Satnav will be getting sent back as faulty tomorrow and i will look for another Brand replacement as my experience of a modern TomTom has been appalling and its one i no longer wish to be part of.

Thanks for the last 10+ years ownership of my GO730 which was fantastic 🙂



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